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I love this place! It’s literally right off the 2/3 stop on Bergen. There are tons of different bagels and cream cheeses to choose from. My favorite is the pumpernickel and veggie cream cheese. I think the veggie cream cheese is the best I’ve had! It’s always really busy but the staff is fast, friendly and they never seem stressed.


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The weird thing about Bergen Bagels is that they are not the colour of Bagels. They are Bergendy.

What to get: An everything bagel with any of their homemade cream cheeses.
What else: Bergen is in Norway and there is Norway you should miss these bagels.

If the guy serving you has huge bloodshot bulbous eyes, it’s because you’re at “Bugging Bagels.”

Bergen Bagels are definitely among the top 5 bagels in Bklyn and the top 10 bagels in NYC, and with all due respect, the top 10 bagels in NYC are probably the top 10 bagels in the USA, in fact the world. Even that one in East London, on Brick Lane, as good as it is, doesn’t really make a Harvey Dent in the top 10 list because of the NYC places. Maybe it could be high up on the “best of the rest” list but nothing more.

If all the guys are half-balding, but in the process of correctional procedures, it’s because you’re at “Rogaine Bagels.”

The first time I came here, my travelling companion messed up, and ordered a “Salt Bagel” with “nothing on it.” Yeah, that didn’t go down very well. But if you like eating rock salt right out of a rock salt grinder, that was the bagel for you. Still, you could tell that it was a very special bagel if you just ignored the inordinate amount of salt scratching its way down your throat.

If nobody in the store is a virgin, it’s because you’re at “Broken-In Bagels.”

The more recent time I visited, I went in myself, and they were fairly friendly. I ordered an everything bagel with some delicious olive cream cheese on it. It was absolutely divine. I was already full up but I could have finished the whole thing in just a few minutes, it was that good. The dough was so fresh and moist, the thing was so plump and scrumptious and well-formed, and the olive cream cheese was fantastic.

If I’m in there when you go there, it’s “Bonkers Bagels.” And if Dire Straits are there, then they’re banging on the Bongos Bagels like a Chimpanzee.

It scores full marks from me. Perhaps not quite as good as my favourites in the city (such as Brooklyn Bagel of both Queens and Manhattan – lol, and Ess A Bagel on 1st Ave in Manhattan), but it’s right up there.

And if you’re one of those annoying people who write for adult magazines and websites and Penthouse Letters (not that I’ve ever read any of them… ahem), who come up with ridiculous words for sexy areas of people’s bodies, like, so ridiculous that you completely take all of the sex appeal and enjoyment out of the entire concept… then you should go to “Bunghole Bagels” instead. But don’t come here. Because these bagels are too good for you, and so is my gf. I can give you my mother’s number though.